Extensis has announced the launch of pxl SmartScale. The Photoshop plug-in allows images to be increased in size up to 1,600 per cent, without the usual loss of quality.

The technology behind the new plug-in is from Celartem Inc, an imaging technology company based in Tokyo. Celartem’s older product, VFZoom is now discontinued; pxl SmartScale represents the next generation of that technology.

pxl SmartScale features interactive scaling, allowing users to preview different scaling options in real-time, and detailed scaling, refining the quality of the scaled image by controlling the overall sharpness, edge contrast and edge detail.

The software is available for download at the Extensis (www.extensis.co.uk) site, and VFZoom customers that bought the plug-in in the last 90 days get a free upgrade, and older customers can get an upgrade.

pxl SmartScale requires a minimum of Adobe Photoshop 6, Mac OS 9..2.2 or Mac OS X 10.2.5.

Official pricing states that the Full version is £149.99 and the upgrade is £99. However, the Extensis UK site is currently showing dollar prices, $199 for the full version, $99 for the upgrade.

Celartem acquired Extensis in September 2002. This is the first Extensis product to use Celartem technology.