Extensis has released its free Pro Photo Raw Image Filter for Portfolio 7.

Available free to registered Portfolio 7 users, the filter generates high-quality thumbnails and previews from the unprocessed raw image files created by professional digital cameras from many manufacturers.

With the Filter, Portfolio can extract EXIF metadata and IPTC from the Raw files, create thumbnails for displaying the images in catalogues, and generate high-res JPEG previews for detailed viewing, printing, slideshows and QuickTime movies.

"There have been rapid developments in the digital camera industry since we released our first Raw camera support for Portfolio last year," said Dan Harlacher, Extensis Portfolio product manager. "With this update, professional photographers now have the Raw camera support they demand for keeping pace with the new camera developments without losing the ability to preview, keyword, organize and sort thousands of images within Portfolio without getting bogged down in a lengthy conversion process."

The Pro Photo Raw Image filter for Portfolio is powered by technology from Bibble Labs,