Extensis has added QuarkXPress support to its Preflight Online service.

Preflight Online can now remotely inspect and analyse QuarkXPress 4.x files. It is capable of identifying over 60 different problems, including common font, image and colour problems.

It's a Web-accessed pre-flighting service for pre-press, production and design houses. It has been developed to smooth the transition between traditional-publishing and digital workflows. File analysis, collection and compression is all performed within the browser - jobs need not be uploaded to a remote server.

Speed and security Document inspection takes place on the customer's own machine. According to Extensis, document security and bandwidth are not an issue as Preflight Online does not move or copy original documents to the Preflight server at any point.

Preflighting is a trouble shooting tool used by publishers to diagnose potential printing problems before jobs are submitted. Extensis' solution requires no additional software other than a browser plug-in, and will analyse all fonts and images used within a Quark document. The service will even generate a full report for printers and service bureaus before files are submitted to print houses.

Preflight Online now automatically collects all required fonts and linked images used in a QuarkXPress job and compresses them into a single archive for submission. One of the most common problems when jobs are submitted for print is that of missing data, such as fonts.

A demonstration version of the service is available from Preflight Online. Adobe PDF file analysis is also available.