Extensis has changed its name to Creativepro.com, reflecting the company’s focus on its new Web portal, www.creativepro.com, launched at Macworld Expo in New York in July.

Until the launch of the Web portal, Extensis was best known for its plug-ins such as Intellihance and Mask Pro. The Creativepro.com Web site provides resources for creative professionals, such as resource directories, and online "e-services" such as pre-flighting.

The portal has expanded recently, adding the Designer F/X online image-editing effects e-service based on Core’s PhotoPaint technology, and the ability to search across multiple stock photography vendors all in one location.

Macromedia has also joined the list of companies sponsoring the site, alongside Apple, Quark, Adobe, Corel, Photodisc and MetaCreations.

According to Extensis, the name-change communicates the company’s role of serving the creative community through its Web site. Craig Barnes, CEO of Creativepro.com, said: "We are now focused on a new, broader goal: becoming the number one company in Internet-enhanced products and services for creative professionals. Changing our name gives us the opportunity to build a company brand that better communicates and supports this new goal."

The company has organized its software development and support teamms into a new Extensis Products Group, which will continue the development, marketing and support of Extensis tools.