Extensis is offering QuarkXPress 7 XTensions modules for all Extensis font-management products, providing the world's "most advanced font activation and deactivation for QuarkXPress 7," the company said.

The XTensions software ensures that any time users open a QuarkXPress 7 project, fonts are automatically and accurately activated or deactivated. The modules extend support to the Suitcase Fusion Single User, Suitcase Server X1, and Font Reserve Server 1.7.4 font-management products.

"QuarkXPress continues to be a leading layout and design solution for creative professionals," said Brian Berson, vice president of corporate solutions for Extensis.

He believes XPress users need to be able to ensure that the same font they designate in a project is activated each time they open the file.

The automatic font activation/deactivation feature uses Extensis Font Sense technology. This can identify, locate, and activate the exact fonts used in a document.

Because of this one-of-a-kind technology, Extensis font managers no longer simply identify fonts by name; they create unique identifiers that guarantee font fidelity. This technology means it's easy to manage multiple fonts with the same name to ensure that an application can activate the exact version of a font. Font Sense is available in Suitcase Fusion and Font Reserve and allows for true font identification in QuarkXPress documents.

"Font Sense is an ideal complement to QuarkXPress 7," said Richard Pasewark, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Quark. "Extensis and Quark share a desire to improve creative workflows; together these products help design and print professionals move toward an error-free workflow."

The free XTensions modules for QuarkXPress 7 are available now for download from Extensis, though at present only for PowerPC-based Macs. Universal (Intel and PowerPC Mac) support will be released later this year, the company said.