Extensis continues its work to combine its two font management products - Suitcase and Font Reserve.

In an interview with IT Enquirer, Extensis senior product manager Martin Stein discusses the multiple needs publishers face when integrating font management into their workflow.

Stein remarked: "Font Management with Mac OS X seems to be more difficult for Mac OS 9 users. They are accustomed to putting their font suitcases into the Mac OS 9 system folder. In Mac OS X font suitcases don’t work the way they used to."

Unlike OS 9, the operating system supports multiple users, requiring complex font folders and hierarchies.

He also confirmed that work to integrate Suitcase and Font Reserve continues, but declined to name a date: "The product will have the ease of use of the Suitcase product, while supporting the deeper technology provided by the Font Reserve product," he said.