Apple's SuperDrive will soon be available as an external device for Macs.

The FireWire DVD Recorder is a joint effort from Pioneer (who manufacture the SuperDrive for Apple) and CD Cyclone. It's available online already in the US from all4DVD, where it costs $999.

CompuB distributes CD Cyclone devices in the UK. A CompuB representative confirmed today that it is likely the product will be shipping in the UK "soon", but could not confirm a price or shipping date at this time.

The FireWire DVD Recorder uses Pioneer's A 103 DVD-recordable drive technology and works seamlessly with Apple's DVD Studio Pro DVD-authoring solution, according to the manufacturers.

It will burn both CDs and DVDs and offers the following writing speeds: DVD-R, 2x; CD-R, 8x; and CD-RW, 4x. Like the SuperDrive, it will burn DVDs for playback on consumer DVD players.