UK-based developer Eyecatcher Productions has released version 1.1.0 of iMalc, its scientific calculator for the Macintosh.

The calculator is customizable, offering colours to match your iMac, iBook, PowerBook or Power Mac G3 or G4. It replaces the standard Apple calculator, and has new functions.

The calculator includes 18 mathematical functions and a basic memory facility. The functions include all those available in scientific calculators – including sine, cosine and logarithm calculations. Square-root calculations are supported, as are percentage and pi keys.

New features include the ability to drag-&-drop email and URL’s, and the keyboard’s comma now works as a decimal separator. iMalc requires Mac OS 7.1 or better and 4-5MB RAM.

The calculator comes with a 71 page manual in PDF format. It costs $15, and registration includes all future upgrades. The software is available from Eyecatcher Productions.