Elgato will today introduce new devices in its EyeTV range that are built for digital satellite and terrestrial TV.

The company's EyeTV products offer TiVo-like hard-drive recording facilities using a Mac. The new EyeTV 300 and EyeTV 400 digital video recorders mean Mac users can watch, record, edit and archive digital satellite and terrestrial TV to their computer.

EyeTV 300 for digital satellite television (DVB-S) and EyeTV 400 for digital terrestrial television (DVB-T) will be available in selected stores in early December for 349 Euros (about £243) in the UK, Italy and Germany.

"EyeTV 300 and EyeTV 400 represent a huge upgrade in the level of television quality that Mac users will be able to enjoy," said Markus Fest, Elgato Systems' founder and chief technology officer. "Digital video broadcasting uses the MPEG-2 compression standard, which is also used on DVD. The remarkable picture and sound quality of MPEG-2 provides EyeTV users with an incredible television experience."


EyeTV 300 and EyeTV 400 play and record digital television in its native MPEG-2 format. The two products are the first computer peripheral digital video recorders to use FireWire, making it possible to transfer high-quality digital television to the Mac.

With these products, notebook users can travel while still watching – or recording their choice of TV. EyeTV 400 receives digital terrestrial TV using a small portable antenna and draws power through the FireWire bus.

The products let users pause, rewind or fast-forward through television as they’re watching; record TV to the Mac’s hard drive, creating an archive of favourite shows; Program EyeTV through the manual control panel or optional program guide from tvtv (which supports European programming); EyeTV can also be programmed remotely using the Internet.

Other features include the capacity to cut unwanted content using EyeTV’s built-in editor that easily identifies where programmes and scenes start and stop. Users can also archive programs to DVD or VideoCD to play everywhere on most standard DVD players.

The products require at least a 500MHz G4 processor, a FireWire port, Mac OS X 10.2.8 and 256MB of RAM. Archiving consumes 2GB of hard-drive space per hour of recorded TV.

The EyeTV 300 product requires a satellite dish and receiver, while EyeTV 400 ships with a digital TV antenna.

An Internet connection is required to use tvtv, EyeTV’s optional electronic program guide (available in UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France). A CD/DVD recorder and Roxio’s Toast 6 Titanium software are required to create DVDs or VideoCDs.