EZQuest has released the Boa FireWire 4x4x24 and 6x4x24 CD-RW FireWire drives.

The Boa FireWire 4x4x24 CD-RW writes to CD-R disks at 4x speed, rewrites to CD-RW disks at 4x, and reads at 24x, with a maximum transfer rate of 3,600 Kbytes/sec and a 2MB buffer. The Boa FireWire 6x4x24 CD-RW permits the same performance with a CD-R write speed of 6x.

Compatible with iMac’s, blue-&-white G3’s and G4 computers, the new products cost £289 (4x4x24) and £319 (6x4x24). Both products ship with "graphite" exteriors. The products also come with a FireWire cable, Adaptec Toast / Direct CD / EZ CD Creator software packages, a CD-R disc, and a CD-RW disc. Both units are also compatible with Windows 98.

The new products will be distributed by Channel Dynamics in the UK, and are expected to appear on computer retailer’s shelves over the next week.