GarageBand continues to inspire music-sample producers to deliver new and better loops for iLife musicians, with AMG releasing samples in Apple Loops format from Fatboy Slim and Erasure's Vince Clarke.

These releases follow the release of loops for GarageBand by Drums On Demand, Access Music and Bitshift Audio last week.

AMG states: "The astounding success of GarageBand and forthcoming support by Logic are set to make Apple Loops one of the most significant sample formats around in the very near future."

The Fatboy Slim/Norman Cook sample collection is an Apple Loops revision of an existing product called 'Skip to my Loops'. All the original loop material is included – drum loops, guitar, flutes and more.

The Vince Clarke collection is called 'Lucky Bastard'. It's a collection of drum loops, synth riffs, bass lines and more.

Demo loops, MP3s and more information about both products are available online. The collections cost £30 each.