Apple has released a 4.0.1 update to Final Cut Pro, its professional video-editing software.

The new version provides "performance improvements and enhancements in several key areas", says Apple, including instances in which it would fail to respond.

Improvements and enhancements include: changes to the Trim Edit window; increased render speed; more-effective use of match-frame against split edits and speed-adjusted clips; and improved performance on trimming marking track-gaps.

On the Range The update also adds video updates in the Canvas while Range Checking is on; the use of selected font for text generators; and more-accurate filter-keyframe positioning when using Media Manager on clips with speed changes.

Print to Video and Edit to Tape now maintain audio transitions, 2KHz audio-capture functions properly, and 24p-format sequences playback accurately with audio.

The new version has improved detection of timecode breaks for many cameras, and addresses iMovie 3.0.3 importing issues.

Updates for Compressor, Soundtrack, Cinema Tools, and LiveType are also available.