Fetch Softworks has released the final build of Fetch 4.0.

Fetch is an industry-standard Macintosh FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program. A free 15-day trial version is available for download today in both PowerPC and 68K versions.

Fetch 4.0 is Mac OS X-compatible and borrows from the operating system's Aqua interface. It's also compatible with older versions of the Mac OS, including System 7.

Features include support for 11 proxy servers, folder mirroring, integration with BBEdit, Graphic Converter and QuickTime, and offers Keychain support and contextual menus. It also supports server-to-server transfers and offers a streamlined user-interface and can resume downloads after quitting or a crash.

Fetch originator, Jim Matthews said: "When I created Fetch 12 years ago, I was hoping to meet Dartmouth College's internal needs for file transfers. I couldn't have imagined then the many ways in which Fetch would come to be used. This latest update is a major release, based on a huge amount of user feedback over the years. It looks great on Mac OS X."

Despite its new features, Fetch Softworks has chosen to maintain the application's low price. It costs $25 for a single-user license, and is free for educational and charitable institutions.