FIFA has responded to recent reports criticizing the organization’s snubbing of the Macintosh platform.

At issue is the group’s decision to publish four-minute video segments of each World Cup match as streaming-video clips. These clips are available online for a subscription fee of $19.95. However, they are available only in a Windows format – not for Mac OS, Linux, Unix, or other operating systems.

FIFA is working with media partner Yahoo to provide the video feeds.

Questioned as to the organization’s lack of support for an estimated 24 million Macintosh users, FIFA’s Nicolas Maignot, media relations, said: “The issue you are referring to is a business decision taken jointly by FIFA and Yahoo.”

Explaining: “Five per cent of a market is unfortunately too small to justify the investments which would have been needed for Macintosh users.”

Yahoo sources have so far failed to comment on that organization’s decision not to support the Mac OS in its solution for FIFA.

FIFA's Web site has attracted 464 million visitors since the tournament began.