Apple subsidiary, FileMaker, has released FileMaker Mobile, its integrated database-solution that enables the exchange of FileMaker 5 data between Macs and Palms.

First announced in September, FileMaker Mobile is a module that increases the power of FileMaker 5, and allows the synchronization of data between FileMaker Pro databases and Palm OS handhelds. FileMaker Mobile supports Palm OS 3.1 and higher.

Data is selected and loaded from the desktop to the Palm. The data can then be re-synched via Palm’s HotSync technology with the original database, so that updated information can in turn be returned to the original database by the mobile unit. The FileMaker user can choose which fields are transferred. No programming skills are required.

To do this, the application relies on a revised architecture developed by FileMaker. The company plans to allow for the transfer of FileMaker data to other handheld devices, including the PocketPC, Epoch and Symbian. WAP support is also a possibility for the application.

A FileMaker insider exclusively told Macworld that a FileMaker Mobile and Palm OS bundle would be revealed at the San Francisco Macworld Expo.

Vice-president international of FileMaker, Keith Harris, said: “This is great for the Macintosh market, as most Palm customers have a Mac. FileMaker Mobile is a great way to synchronize data to and from Macs.”

FileMaker Mobile ships tomorrow and costs £39 for a single user, or £33 for volume licenses.

Harris added: “£39 is not going to change FileMaker’s revenue stream but it’s not meant to. It’s supposed to increase the number of people who use FileMaker.”