FileMaker UK will ship FileMaker 6, its database application, from Wednesday July 10.

This version introduces a selection of features, including digital-mage capture in Mac OS X. Pricing remains unchanged – £219 for the full version, and £119 for the upgrade.

Information exchange FileMaker 6 introduces a selection of new ways to import digital images, with what the company claims is an almost “limitless” ability for data-exchange and application integration using XML.

The digital-image-import feature lets users import individual, selected groups or folders of images into the database. In OS X it's even more powerful, the application will import images and EXIF (exchangeable image file format) image data directly from any digital camera supported by OS X – with no need to install individual camera drivers.

FileMaker 6 also introduces the capacity to import Folders – any folders – containing text, sound, images or QuickTime movies into a database in one step. Users don't have to transfer, copy or paste the contents of folders into their databases one item at a time.

Fresh find features The application also introduces a global Find and Replace feature, so it's possible to change specific text strings, whether it's all or part of a database field's contents. Field names can also be replaced in many layouts, and text that appears in many fields can also be replaced – simply.

The Format Painter feature builds customized layouts and forms quickly – with a couple of mouse clicks, it will copy such attributes as the colour, font, or size of a text block or object and apply this to other text blocks or objects, the company claims.

The Format Painter feature means the 21 pre-built templates can be customized.

FileMaker's Find and Replace features also get a re-vamp. It's now possible to change a single text string that is all of, or part of a data field's contents. It's also possible to replace the label of a field in many layouts, or even text that appears in multiple fields. The Find operation now offers advanced features, including Constrain or Extend. It's also possible to Sort within a field's context Menu.

Automatic exchange FileMaker takes advantage of the XML standard. The application can exchange data with any XML application and offers fully integrated XML support. It can pull data from remote systems, track projects and media assets; share data with Excel; pull snapshots of customer data from SAP and connect to SQL data sources without the use of ODBC drivers. This last feature isn't yet supported in OS X, but FileMaker is working to address such snags, and will be releasing updates for the application as soon as they are