FileMaker has released a demo version of FileMaker 7 along with a free bespoke application FileMaker Pro 7 Business Tracker, a fully-relational business solution.

FileMaker Business Tracker combines such business functions as customer tracking, invoicing, shipping and more to help both current and new users learn more about the many new features and functions now available in FileMaker Pro 7.

FileMaker vice president of marketing and services, Ryan Rosenberg, said: "FileMaker Business Tracker will help both individuals and workgroups to get a hands-on experience of the tremendous simplicity and power of FileMaker Pro 7.

"With the launch of FileMaker Pro 7, customers are discovering that power and simplicity equals productivity when it comes to managing your business smarter."

Business Tracker offers a number of features, including the capacity to create and track sales processes; tracking contacts; storing and tracking product information and other assets; invoice management; and data analysis.

"We developed FileMaker Business Tracker in order to give new FileMaker users a solution they can start with quickly, and advanced FileMaker users a solution they can learn from and easily modify," Rosenberg said.