Wholly-owned Apple subsidiary FileMaker has released new versions two of its bespoke business applications in the US, though UK release information on the products isn't available.

FileMaker Meetings 2.0 and FileMaker Tasks 2.0 are specific applications designed for specific business tasks. These versions are compatible with FileMaker's recently released, significantly updated FileMaker 7.0 software.

FileMaker Meetings 2.0 is a customizable meeting-management application that "makes it simple to create an agenda, record and distribute meeting minutes and assign action items."

New features in this product include: the capacity to organize meeting relevant information – such as documents in one place; the ability to share such data as contacts and tasks between multiple FileMaker applications; the capability to save frequently-used Finds; the ability to compile project histories or summaries of outstanding action items with Meeting's built-in reporting.

FileMaker Tasks 2.0 organizes task-relevant information in one place, creating and assigning tasks, tracking tasks to completion, locating and reporting on tasks on demand, and communicating task-relevant details and status to the workgroup group.

New features include: the capacity to create tasks and subtasks for either individuals or the whole group; the facility to save Finds; task status report creation; and data sharing.

The applications cost $69 in the US. UK information is not yet available from the company's UK offices.