FileMaker has unleashed FileMaker Developer 5.5 for database administrators and corporate and independent developers.

The application includes the full functionality of FileMaker 5.5, including Mac OS X compatibility, and additional features such as database-design reporting, script debugging, developer tools, plug-in samples, updated drivers, and improved support for XML and other standards.

The database-design report feature lets developers check for orphan links and redundant objects in database designs. Reports can be viewed in database or XML formats.

Knowing the script The Script Debugger will test all the scripts inside a database. This lets developers check through each script line by line. The developer tools have also been updated to help build standalone database applications, kiosks and more. They offer a variety of customization tools, including the ability to rename database file-names while preserving links to files and scripts.

Three new plug-in samples are bundled within the application. These include sample code, and are intended to offer developer's guidelines for the creation of FileMaker Pro plug-ins.

The company has added Merant 3.5, Merant 3.7, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Sever and Text Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) drivers support to the product. A number of Web standards are also supported, including XML and JDBC.

ODBC Import, Toolbars, the Send Mail script step with and FileMaker Mobile (for PDA connectivity) are not yet supported under Mac OS X

Macintosh requirements for Mac OS X include 128MB RAM and version 10.0.4 or later. The application supports Mac OS 8.1 to 9.1, in which it needs 32MB RAM. UK pricing is currently unavailable.