Apple subsidiary FileMaker has announced that the FileMaker Developer Conference 2004 will take place from August 29 – September 1 in Arizona.

The focus of the event will be newly-released FileMaker Pro 7 and will include sessions on tools and techniques and new approaches. There will also be a product showcase and a hands-on workshop.

FileMaker president Dominique Goupil said; "With the recent release of FileMaker Pro 7 – the most significant new version of FileMaker Pro ever – this is a perfect venue to learn the new and simpler ways of developing solutions to dramatically increase productivity."

There will be 50 in-depth technical sessions including: Migrating to FileMaker Pro 7: The Strategic Perspective; FileMaker 7 Design Fundamentals; Advanced Programming Techniques Using FileMaker Pro 7 and FileMaker Developer 7; Advanced Custom Functions with FileMaker Developer 7; The Brave Frontier: The FileMaker 7 Platform in K-12 Education; and FileMaker in a Regulated Environment.