FileMaker UK is shipping FileMaker Donations 2.0.

The software is a ready-to-use donations management application for charitable and other organizations. It's designed to help such non-profit groups to plan, track and streamline their fundraising campaigns, donations and donor outreach efforts.

Alongside a redesigned interface, this version offers several new capabilities, including: a user-controlled multi-window environment, built-in security with predefined privilege sets, more powerful reporting capabilities, and quick view of outstanding actions on the home page, including contact interactions, improved data import from Microsoft Outlook and Apple Address Book, organizations, group interactions, events and donations.

FileMaker vice president of marketing and services, Ryan Rosenberg, said: "FileMaker Donations helps fundraising managers focus more time on high value activities so they can improve their results and strengthen the network of relationships among their donor support base.”

Owners of FileMaker Donations 1.0 can upgrade to Donations 2.0 for free. For first time buyers, FileMaker Donations 2.0 costs £79.95 (£84.95 with CD) excluding VAT and will be sold from the end of the month through FileMaker’s Web Store.

FileMaker Donations 2.0 requires FileMaker Pro 7v3 and runs on Mac OS X and Windows XP.