Database vendor FileMaker this week will add three new products to its stable, in addition to shipping the latest version of its flagship product, FileMaker Pro 5.0.

FileMaker Server 5, which company officials said will be available later this year, is designed to provide up to 250 concurrent connections to FileMaker Pro 5.0.

FileMaker Server will also add remote-administration capabilities and automated backup features that company officials say will be essential in helping the company make inroads with larger customers.

Also expected to ship later this year is FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited, which, as the name suggests, will allow users to share their FileMaker database with an unlimited number of Web browsers. Unlimited also includes a Web Server Connector, which uses Java servlet technology to provide increased security in Web environments.

The final piece to the FileMaker line-up, FileMaker Developer 5, will incorporate design tools for aiding the creation of customized FileMaker Pro solutions that run across workgroups, on the Internet, or as a license-free run-time application. Developer will ship early next year.

An expanded range could be exactly what FileMaker and the industry need, according to David Folger, senior program director of workgroup computing strategies at the Meta Group.