FileMaker has recruited experienced enterprise developer Simon Thornhill as its vice president of engineering.

Thornhill has twenty years experience within the software industry and in his new role he will "focus on setting company-wide database software technology directions", the company said.

A graduate of the University of Lancaster, for the last twelve years, Thornhill served as vice president and general manager for the .Net and RAD groups at Borland Software. He was also director of Borland's Windows product group.

Previous to Borland, Thornhill led the software teams at Ashton-Tate as international research and development manager in England. He also spent time at Lotus Development.

FileMaker president Dominique Goupil observed: "With the recent successful introduction of the new FileMaker 7 product line, this is an exciting time for Simon to lead the FileMaker Engineering team.

"With a strong understanding of the needs of today's knowledge worker, Simon is keenly equipped to lead the next generation of FileMaker software development," he added.