Apple subsidiary FileMaker has released a free FileMaker-to-Keynote tool.

This allows FileMaker 6 users to take data from existing FileMaker 6 databases into presentations built in Apple's new Keynote presentation software.

It does this by using the databasing application's built-in XML/XSLT support. Using this, developers can extract text, graphics and chart data from FileMaker 6 databases to apply within Keynote presentations.

FileMaker is offering an additional 20 XSLT style-sheets for free download. These perform several functions, including taking data from FileMaker into Microsoft Excel, QuarkXPress, and into Apple's iPod. There's also a tool to take iTunes song library information into FileMaker 6 databases.

FileMaker is demonstrating how the application's built-in support for XML/XSLT lets the application exchange data with other applications supporting XML. A note on the company's site reads: "XML data exchange is made possible by XSLT stylesheets, which present XML data in a language that FileMaker Pro 6 can interpret."