FileMaker has launched a new strategy in the US, with a decision to publish ready-to-use applications based on FileMaker.

The company released its first two bespoke applications in the US yesterday. However, Macworld's UK sources indicate that no plans are presently in place to introduce these in the UK.

The company's new products are FileMaker Recruiter and FileMaker Meetings. Both OS X products require FileMaker 6 and include email and personalized reporting templates.

The company plans to develop more applications that address common business tasks, with releases for fundraising, task management and sales prospecting set for release this year.

Business-focused apps for SMEs FileMaker Meetings is a meetings management application. It offers features to help build agendas, take and distribute meeting notes and track action items and deadlines. It also offers a snapshot of previous meetings and associated emails. It costs $49.

FileMaker Recruiter exists to help streamline the recruitment process. It can manage searches and identify and track candidates. FileMaker claims the application can identify the most important relationships and skills contained in each recruiter's network of contacts and resources. It will cost $299.

FileMaker hopes the new applications will attract new users to its products and encourage existing users to update to FileMaker Pro 6. FileMaker's applications product manager John Dasher told MacCentral: "Lots of people love us, but not all are using the current version of the product. We want to drive upgrades, so that everyone's on the same version".

Developing the market FileMaker is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Apple, and has consistently returned a profit since its inception, according to sources. The company is currently engaged in development of a major new version of the cross-platform databasing appliction.

It is hoped the new strategy will expand the market for independent developers to build solutions based on FileMaker. "Although the new applications are designed to be ready-to-use they can be customized and extended by developers," said Dasher.

The applications are only available through FileMaker's US online store.