Apple subsidiary, FileMaker has launched FileMaker Mobile, its first integrated database for Mac OS, Windows and Palm handhelds.

Built for FileMaker 5 users, the application enables the transfer and synchronization of data between FileMaker Pro databases and Palm OS handhelds.

FileMaker data is selected and loaded from the desktop to the Palm handheld. The data can then be re-synched via Palm’s HotSync technology with the original database. The FileMaker user can choose which fields are transferred. No programming skills are required.

FileMaker has developed a completely new architecture for the app. FileMaker’s Deborah Colton said: "The architecture can be expanded in the future." She added that applying the architecture to other platforms, such as the Pocket PC, Epoch or Symbian handhelds has "been discussed". But she stressed that the company is focusing on the Palm OS at this time.

Keith Harris, president and general manager of FileMaker, told Macworld: "Our road-map is moving sequentially. Mobile is very much part of a core strategy, it builds on the cross-platform support we already have."

"The focus at the moment is the Palm OS, but this is the first step in a wider product strategy."

He confirmed that WAP support is under consideration.

FileMaker president Dominique Goupil said: "FileMaker Mobile is a first step in the company’s broader mobile-database strategy, which is to give individual- and workgroup-FileMaker Pro users access to their databases wherever they go."

FileMaker Mobile is set to cost £79, and will be released this winter.