FileMaker Server 5 is available now in the US. The retail price of this high-level database hosting software is £799, with upgrades from previous versions at £359.

The program can host up to 250 FileMaker Pro database clients (100 previously) and 125 open FileMaker Pro 5 files. The software helps workgroups organize and share their data over the Web and through networks. Files can be stored on a single FileMaker Server machine; you can also ensure security through authorization keys and passwords.

FileMaker Server 5 offers increased network performance, capable of processing multiple tasks. Automated back-ups are also included - securing data changes (such as changes of address) while allowing guests to remain connected to the database. It’s plug-&-play compatible with FileMaker Pro 5, and easily integrated with existing FileMaker 5 databases on installation. The software can also support networks hosting multiple platforms.

The Mac version requires 32MB RAM and OS 8.6.