FileMaker Server 8 is available now.

The high performance database server software supports up to 250 users and 125 FileMaker Pro database files. This version also hosts an improved database engine, which offers faster search and data management functions than version 7 of the product offered.

FileMaker claims an 89 per cent improvement in speed in this version.

Ryan Rosenberg, vice president, marketing and services, FileMaker, said: "The switching costs are extremely small and the productivity of your workgroup will see an immediate boost from recent improvements in our database engine. It is substantially faster, and our beta testers have confirmed that it produces results where it matters the most."

Additional new features include:

Automatic consistency checking on all hosted files for increased data reliability.

Improved reliability, error capture, event logging and better diagnostics to help maintain the integrity of files.

The company plans to ship FileMaker Server 8 Advanced in autumn. This offers all FileMaker Server 8's features and adds Web publishing and other external connectivity options. FileMaker Mobile 8 also ships in autumn.

FileMaker Server 8 costs £650 or £199 for an upgrade from the previous server version. Prices exclude VAT.