A Mac OS X version of FileMaker Server 5.5 is now shipping.

Features of this solution for hosting and protecting FileMaker workgroup databases include increased network performance through asynchronous file I/O (input output), multi-threading, host-based indexing, and other engine optimizations.

The Mac OS X version is equipped with a built-in scheduler, which automates data back-up while guests are still connected. FileMaker Server 5.5 centralizes and hosts database needs, with support for 125 open files per server.

Activity monitor Remote administration monitors guest and database activity, and checks workload levels. Network file operations can be monitored from any copy of FileMaker Pro 5 on the network.

Administrators can send guests messages, open and close files, and disconnect idle or unresponsive guests via the remote administration plug-in.

The latest version of FileMaker Server has been built in Cocoa. A separate version is available for Mac OS 8.6 to 9.1.

FileMaker Server 5.5 costs US$999. Previous versions can be upgraded for $499. Volume pricing is also available. UK pricing is currently unavailable.