FileMaker is offering FileMaker Pro 5 users extra Extensible Markup Language (XML) power, with the launch of FileMaker XML Central - its online resource for IT professionals and Web developers.

The site contains essential documentation on
XML support in FileMaker Pro, and offers examples of, and tuition on, XML and XML's applications for FileMaker.

The documentation and examples form part of the forthcoming FileMaker Developer 5 package, pegged for release in April. FileMaker Developer 5 gives developers the choice of applying XML solutions using data from FileMaker Pro 5 databases. This can mean more power and higher performance.

For £399, FileMaker Developer 5 will include the XML documentation, examples and a full-working version of FileMaker Pro 5 for Mac OS and Windows - as well as a number of tools for customizing databases.

XML, Java database Connectivity (JDBC) and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) standards will be supported for sharing FileMaker data.