FileMaker UK has announced FileMaker Server 8 Advanced.

This is an enhanced version of FileMaker Server 8 that lets administrators manage and deploy FileMaker Pro 8 and 7 database files over networks, intranets, and the Internet.
New features include web usability improvements; a customisable Home Page; better security and improved performance.

New browser features include: Tab Controls, a drop-down calendar and customised Tool Tips. A new web page interface for creating web-based databases has also appeared in the release.

Web data publishing for beginners

FileMaker Server 8 Advanced also features Custom Web Publishing (CWP). Developers may employ the built-in Site Assistant wizard to integrate FileMaker Pro data into their websites or work with such web design tools as Dreamweaver 8 from Adobe.
The company claims FileMaker Server 8 Advanced is up to 89 per cent faster than FileMaker Server 7 Advanced in handling certain database tasks.

FSA get real advantage

A new fillip for developer members of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance (FSA) is that they receive a free FileMaker Server 8 Advanced Development license. 

Standards support remains in focus with the provision of such industry standard connectivity options as XSLT, XML, ODBC and JDBC.

FileMaker Server 8 Advanced costs £1,650. Upgrading from FileMaker Server 7 Advanced costs £495. FileMaker Server 8 owners can upgrade by buying a £1,000 FileMaker Server 8 Option Pack, (all prices exclude VAT). 

The software runs on Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server, Windows 2000 Server SP4, and Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition.