FileMaker has released updates for FileMaker Pro 7 and FileMaker Developer 7.

An update for FileMaker Server 7 is scheduled for release later this month. All the updates are/will be made available here. The updates improve performance of the products, and are recommended for all users, the company said.

FileMaker vice president of marketing and services, Ryan Rosenberg, said: "If you're using FileMaker Pro 7 or FileMaker Developer 7, which have both been widely acclaimed by editorial reviewers and customers alike, you'll want to download the updates now."

He also encouraged users to migrate to version 7, "If you haven't upgraded, now is the time."

The FileMaker Pro 7 updater offers 300 modifications in: text editing, layout editing, scripting, calculations, portals, value lists, import/export, find, spell-checking, security and Japanese language functionality.

FileMaker Developer 7 updater addresses several areas: the script debugger, Developer Utilities,text editing, layout editing, scripting, calculations, portals and more.

In related news, the Windows versions of the cross-platform applications have achieved Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard certification following testing by VeriTest.