FileMaker has identified Y2K date-related issues that were not fixed by the FileMaker 4.1v2 Mac updaters.

FileMaker is alerting customers who may haves downloaded the FileMaker Pro 4.1v2 updaters from the FileMaker Web site from June 10-24 to be aware of the Y2K issues, and recommends installing the latest updater.

The issues are documented in the Release Notes for the FileMaker Pro 4.1v3 Mac and Windows updaters. In order to install the fresh, Y2K-ready FileMaker 4.1v3 Mac customers must reinstall FileMaker Pro 4.1v1.

Instructions for the process are held at Filemaker’s Web site. This issue only applies to customers who updated to the English version of FileMaker Pro 4.1v2 for Mac.