FileWave has launched Asset Trustee version 6.0, its asset-tracking software for Macs, peripherals, mobile systems and devices using SNMP (simple network management protocol). The company has also announced plans to launch FileWave OS X Client in May.

Asset Trustee 6.0 scans changes in hardware and installed software configurations, providing an up-to-date snapshot of each machine in a network. The software tracks the location, number of systems and the software licensing of each Mac.

It will track assets on sites that have been connected to a LAN or WAN, even if only connected once. The software automatically logs onto the asset database for the company, tracking software and hardware assets on a network in real time.

New features include a full suite of reporting and graphing tools for standard and sophisticated custom reports.

Downloads for 10-user copies and fewer are free for 20 to 40 users, the software costs £27 per user, while at the higher end, 5,000 and above users costs £15.50 per user.

The beta version of FileWave's OS X Client will be posted between now and 1 May.
The gold master will be available to download on 1 May.

FileWave OS X Client distributes software from a server onto as many as 5,000 machines, loading it automatically, installing and configuring software from a central server-repository via a WAN or LAN or a mobile system to any client-machine or mobile user.

The software also monitors user systems, detecting irregularities, and will track software and hardware assets on the network in real time, facilitating decisions about upgrading and deploying network assets. The software can be fine-tuned to individual or sub-group requirements.

Both FileWave and Asset Trustee run only during idle time, to preserve network bandwidth.