Staz Software has released FutureBASIC 3, a development environment for the Mac.

The environment creates clean, fast, double-clickable Macintosh applications from BASIC source code, and creates PPC, 68K or FAT results as small as 30K.

The editor supports bookmarks, graphics in the editor and can place customized remarks on every line of code selected. Sub-routines methods and toolboxes are placed in a pop-up menu.

On a G4/400 a 20,000-line program can be compiled and sub-launched in less than three seconds. All runtimes are Open Source. The software retails at $169 for individual copies and is sold by subscription, with upgrades shipped on CD for a year. Renewal price is $99.

FuturePaint - created in the developer environment – demonstrates FutureBASIC’s power, according to Staz. FuturePaint is freeware, fast and takes up very little hard drive space. It’s available as a free download from the Staz Website.