Apple has released a US English update for Final Cut Pro.

The update brings the application up to version 2.0.2 and fixes a number of bugs. Among these, it rectifies a software fault that meant Trimming frames numerically in the Trim Edit window stopped playback. The application will also now work under Macintosh Manager, and a known issue in which 32kHz audio files sound distorted in a 48kHz sequence has been repaired.

Update 2.0.2 also repairs a problem which saw Browser items unable to be renamed with the Browser in icon mode. And it addresses a problem with the Audio Meter window, which caused the application to quit unexpectedly if the Mac had over 1GB RAM installed.

Apple warns that installing the North American English version of the application on localized, non-US operating systems can cause extensions conflicts. The company releases localized OS versions of updates for its key products within four to six weeks of the appearance of US updates.

There's more information and a download link on Apple's KnowledgeBase.