Apple has issued a Final Cut Pro HD update.

The release is for users of the Panasonic AJ-HD1200A VTR, although the company says the update will update only the QuickTime components used by Final Cut Pro HD, not the application itself.

Apple does not outline the effects of the revision, but when the product was launched it claimed Final Cut Pro HD added native support for DVCPRO HD 100MegaBits/sec 4:2:2 and native support for Panasonic DVCPRO 50.

The DVCPRO HD codec is high-definition, and suitable for broadcast finishing-applications.

"Capture DVCPRO HD over FireWire, edit in camera-original format and output over FireWire without generational quality loss. Since the image is never converted or recompressed during the process, maximum image quality is maintained," says Apple.

Panasonic and Apple announced they were collaborating to bring HD FireWire to desktops and PowerBooks at NAB 2004. At that event Panasonic said the AJ-HD1200A VTR was the first DVCPRO HD production VTR to offer an IEEE 1394 FireWire interface and claimed that the VTR interfaces with Apple's Final Cut Pro HD.