The winner of a recent UK Film Council New Cinema Fund competition was edited on a Mac using Final Cut Pro.

The competition was part of Screen International's agenda-setting Cinema Next conference, which took place in London on February 3. The UK Film Council's New Cinema Fund funded three movie makers to create digital mini-films using the latest mobile phone cameras, Apple reports.

Richard Jobson's entry, "I am Digital", won the prize. It was edited with Final Cut Pro software. All three entries are available to watch online.

Competing film makers had to include footage shot at Cinema Next into their films and edit them on the day. The winner was voted on by conference attendees.

Other contestants included: Carol Morley, former BAFTA nominee and director of the highly acclaimed documentary "The Alcohol Years", and Martin Percy, senior interactive filmmaker at BT, who creates interactive live action films delivered via broadband for organisations such as the British Film Institute, the National Theatre and the Tate.