The Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group (lafcpug) is hoping to influence the next version of Final Cut Pro by ballotting users to find out their top ten feature requests.

The group has provided a list of 60 potential new features, gathered from various forums and user groups. Final Cut Pro users wishing to register their vote should rank the 10 features they believe to be the most important. The ballot is available on the group's Web site.

The closing date for nominations is August 22, on completion the group will forward the results to Apple. According to lafcpug the last time it did this Apple included over two thirds of the requests in a future version of Final Cut Pro.

Potential features include background rendering; extending the Timeline’s timescale zooming to the Viewer and Canvas; opening iPhoto and iTunes libraries into FCP; 16-bit-per-channel RGB rendering support; and multiple channel audio input. It is also possible to suggest a feature that is not included in the list provided.