The final version of the Mozilla Foundation's free Firefox browser is available now.

The free browser integrates new features to make it more stable. It's available for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. Writing recently, Wall Street Journal technology correspondent, Walt Mossberg, said: "I suggest dumping Microsoft's Internet Explorer," in favour of FIreFox.

The browser's release completes two years development work. The Preview Releases made available so far have seen over eight million downloads, the organization said. It's available in 14 languages, with more languages to come.

Mozilla Foundation president, Mitchell Baker, said: "We are delighted to be announcing this major milestone for the Mozilla Foundation and for the Firefox browser, which has been made possible thanks to the tireless effort of hundreds of community volunteers and developers around the world. Now millions more will be able to enjoy a better Web experience."

A multitude of features include: Pop-up blocking; online fraud protection (the browser "clearly displays the true identity of secure sites); integrated search using multiple engines; Tabbed Browsing; Live Bookmarks (support for RSS feeds); and an extensible architecture that lets third-party developers add new functions to the application.