Firefox lead engineer Ben Goodger backs Apple in its debate with open-source KHTML developers.

Apple is suggesting that the existing KHTML rendering engine be replaced by its own-developed derivative rendering engine (WebCore) as used in Safari.

"Safari's renderer is vastly superior to the KHTML used by Konqueror," Goodger said/

He adds observations in response to complaints from some open-source developers: "Not everyone wants to change the world, but Apple does. Although it may have done the least required of it in accordance with the licences of the original source code, it was within its rights to do what it did, and no one should begrudge it for this."

He adds a reality fix to the discussion, "In order to have the most positive impact, you need to take advantage of opportunity especially when it comes to release time. This means you may have to cut corners in some areas in order to ship on time."

This is in response to a criticism of Apple's working methods with the pen-source group, one member of which said: "Apple developers were focused on fixing bugs in such a way that we could not merge them back into KHTML. Those fixes were never an option for us."