The Mozilla Foundation has released Firefox 1.0.3 and Mozilla Suite 1.7.7.

These are security updates that address known issues. This is the third round of security fixes for Firefox.

These updates, "went through several iterations of fixes, some of which disabled or broke some extensions. The Mozilla Foundation has been working with extension authors to fix any issues that have surfaced with the releases, and most extensions have been updated, or will be in the coming days, to work with 1.0.3/1.7.7," the Foundation said.

Over 45 million people have downloaded Firefox so far, giving the browser 6.17 per cent of the browser market in February, according to Net Applications and reported by InformationWeek.

Microsoft Internet Explorer lost share in the same period, falling from 90.31 percent in December to 89.04 percent last month. And an estimated 10.9 per cent of Internet surfers in the UK use Firefox on a Sunday.