Mark Of The Unicorn (MOTU) demonstrated its 828 FireWire Audio interface for the first time in the UK at Apple's Stockley Park HQ Friday.

At the same time, Apple launched its "Turn your Mac into a recording studio" Web page. This details products available for music creation, capture and mixing on Macs.

The Web page is dedicated to finding solutions for Mac users without sound input ports or PCI cards. This reflects Apple's decision to drop sound inputs from its professional G4 Power Macs, in favour of third-party USB or Firewire-based solutions.

MOTU's 828 is an audio-interface hardware solution, offering eight channels of ADAT (the industry-standard professional audio solution) digital input/output (I/O), eight channels of balanced 24-bit analog I/O, microphone pre-amps and an ADAT SYNC input for sample-accurate synchronization.