The Apple-backed connectivity standard, FireWire, is gaining a foothold in the consumer-electronics market, research shows.

A report – from Cahners In-Stat Group – reveals that global sales of FireWire consumer-electronics devices – such as digital video cameras – are this year expected to overtake PC devices.

In 2000, more than 35 million PC-based and consumer electronic products shipped globally. Analysts expect this figure to exceed 200 million by 2005.

"We expect positive market-momentum this year, but at a much more moderate growth rate, as the tech-industry slump this year has slowed PC shipments, has delayed faster penetration of the interface, and has slowed the overall growth of end markets," says Joyce Putscher, a director at In-Stat.

FireWire-device adoption grew by 192 per cent in 2000, compared to 1999. Most of this growth took place in computer markets.

Analysts agree that digital video and still-camera sales have so far driven adoption of the standard.