The Apple-developed FireWire standard is gaining prevalence in the consumer electronics market, claims research company, In-Stat.

For the first time, the number of consumer electronic products – such as digital video-cameras – boasting FireWire ports has overtaken the number of FireWire-enabled computers in terms of shipments. The analysts expect solid growth to continue, growing by 21 per cent this year.

FireWire adoption is hindered, in part, by the existence of competing high-speed connectivity standards, such as USB 2.0, the lack of current applications beyond digital-video editing, and the tech slump. Copy-protection issues also delay adoption of the standard, the report claims.

The FireWire-enabled market grew 33 per cent in 2001, to over 46 million units. The analysts also report that portables manufacturers continue to include the standard, predicting the uptake rate here will increase over the next few years.