LaCie has boosted the transfer speeds of its Desktop FireWire hard drive, raising it to 35MB/second.

LaCie is equipping its desktop drives with a new FireWire controller that offers double the data throughput performance of previous hard drives. It increased the transfer speeds of its PocketDrive range earlier this week.

LaCie's desktop drives are available in 20, 40, 60 and 75GB capacities. These are 7,200rpm drives, and the new FireWire controller means they offer a sustained transfer-rate of 35MB per second.

It means LaCie products can now be used by video authors, who need guaranteed high data-transfer rates to avoid dropped frames in movies.

LaCie president Scott Phillips said: "The demand for high-capacity hard-drive storage has been overwhelming. Until now, the biggest problem has been the performance bottleneck at the IDE (Integrated Device Electronics) drive and FireWire interface.

"With our new two-chip, single firmware interface design we've virtually eliminated the performance barrier by producing drives that can consistently deliver 35MB/s sustained data throughput to the computer."

The drives are fully ATA-compliant, and are shipping in the UK now.