VividLogic has announced a new partnership that brings FireWire connectivity to set-top boxes

Industry analysts say the move signals that FireWire is building on its strengths in the video market to become a prime component of tomorrow's wired home-entertainment system, analysts claim.

VividLogic has teamed up with EchoStar Communications to deliver digital connectivity and interoperability that the companies claim will take "FireWire to the wired home".

The solution will be included on future HDTV-compatible set-top boxes and is called FireBus

Get together The announcements come as FireWire developers gear up for their developer's conference, which commences today.

The technology will let EchoStar develop HDTV satellite-TV-receiver hardware that connects with FireWire-enabled DV camcorders, digital VCRs, digital TVs – such as those shown by NEC at Computex Expo in Taiwan – and AV hard drives. Families of such devices, hosting FireWire connectivity, are due to appear on markets soon.

Content transfer EchoStar's FireBus software lets users connect and transfer digital content to one or more networked devices while employing copyright protection protocols, and offers an application-development interface based on industry standards, the company says.

Shiva Patibanda, CEO of VividLogic, says: “VividLogic is committed to providing the best end-to-end hom-networking infrastructure over IEEE 1394 (FireWire) that delivers the highest possible value and time to market to consumer-electronics manufacturers."

Given Apple's clear commitment to evolving the standard it created, combined with the company's commitment to furnishing video creation and editing tools to professionals and consumers, it appears possible the company could be on the verge of taking a slice of a new market, analysts claim.

Meanwhile, FireWire Trade Association representatives told Macworld to expect devices supporting new implementations of the standard over the “next three months”.