The 1394 Trade Association, the body responsible for developing FireWire, has set-up a new working group to develop specifications for large and home networks and legacy applications.

Chaired by Mike Teener, the man who developed FireWire while working at Apple, the Network Working Group is looking to extend the standard, and to face “issues involving interoperation with legacy networks, including Ethernet-based systems.”

The group's vice chairmen are Microsoft's Scott Fierstein and BridgeCo's Steven Harris. BridgeCo is a company specializing in developing network bridges for domestic and commercial networks.

Entertainment clusters “The formation of this group reflects the growth of 1394 (FireWire, i-Link) from its current role in consumer products and entertainment clusters to a broader application in home, legacy and large networks,” Teener said.

“We will review the use of IP (Internet Protocol) over 1394, convergence with other networking technologies, and expanded applications that are now enabled by the arrival of the 1394b version of the standard,” he explained.

The group plans to focus on three projects initially - implementing IP over FireWire, the co-existence of FireWire with Ethernet networks, and coexistence with 1394.1, the bridging specification.

The 1394 Trade Association is an international organization dedicated to the advancement of the IEEE 1394/FireWire multimedia standard. It supports a variety of standards development activity.