UK firm Tax Office Software has released new products for the current financial year.

The company has scrapped its Family Tax product, replacing this with Tax Manager, a Self-Assessment solution for Macintosh users. It costs £25 and supports 20 tax-return forms

Tax Manager offers a series of databases for storing client details. It also provides all Inland Revenue guidelines in Adobe Acrobat format, with a complete database of Tax and National Insurance offices.

Wages Clerk, the second product from the company to integrate UK rather than US tax law offers a complete solution for employers. Features include the ability to see the full year's pay on screen, as well as three different payslip templates. It also offers a print-out function, making it easier to issue employees with a P11. Wages Clerk 2002 starts from £50 for a 50-person license, with incremental price increases according to the number of employees.

These solutions have been developed for the UK market, and fully integrate UK tax and accountancy law, including the ability to calculate tax. More details regarding both products are available for download from the company in PDF document format. Windows versions of these products are also available.