Macromedia and FileNet have begun a relationship to offer customers an all-in-one solution for authoring and repurposing Web content.

FileNet produces business and enterprise-level content-management solutions. The deal with Macromedia means FileNet will be offering Macromedia's Dreamweaver Web development and design product with its own solutions.

Howard Papworth, FileNet vice president for Northern Europe, said: "By utilising FileNet's Panagon Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions and Dreamweaver, Macromedia customers can leverage FileNET's scalable content repository to manage the complete lifecycle of content - from creation, to management and processing."

FileNet will promote Dreamweaver as a preferred authoring tool for use in conjunction with the WebDAV support it recently added to Panogon. Dreamweaver has native WebDAV support, so users will be able to check their content in and out of the content repository using the existing site management features of Dreamweaver.

FileNet's Panogon product offers Web-based workflow and e-process management features, as well as a number of secure features for managing Web, image and content services. While the solution is housed on Windows servers, the WebDAV support means Macintosh-using design houses can use the solution. It's a scaleable enterprise-level system, and pricing is by negotiation.